Vision, Mission and Values of the

Sourland Conservancy

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The Sourlands as a refuge of cultural and natural diversity.


To protect, promote and preserve the unique character of the Sourland Mountain region.

Protect – We work to protect the Sourland Mountain region’s ecology through stewardship of natural resources and advocacy through effective citizen action.

Promote – We promote the use of environmental best management practices and build awareness of cultural heritage through education and effective communications

Preserve – We advocate for the preservation of the historic and ecological qualities of the Sourland Mountain region.

Unique character – We embrace the many unique qualities that embody the diverse character of the Sourland Mountain region including ecological, historical, and cultural.

Sourland Mountain Region – We focus our work on the 90-square mile region that comprises the largest contiguous forest in central New Jersey and includes a 17- mile long ridge extending from the Delaware River at Lambertville to the western end of Hillsborough Township near the community of Neshanic, through Montgomery Township and into Hopewell Township in Mercer County.


Inclusive: We believe that citizens should play a vital role in the decisions of their communities.

Knowledge: We aspire to increase the understanding of the unique character of this region.

Respect: We understand that there is a wide divergence of regional interests and stakeholder needs and that effective change is born from a positive discourse of ideas.

Diversity: We value the collective, rich heritage of our Sourland community 


Nonprofit Tax Exempt Status

Sourland Conservancy is nonprofit tax exempt organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donors may deduct contributions to Sourland Conservancy as provided in Section 170 of the Code and in