Sourland Stewards


Stewardship is a fresh approach to nature, where people are fundamental to the health and beauty of the natural world around us. Through good stewardship we reap the rewards of a healthy, diverse environment and a deeper relationship to our planet.

This page compiles stewardship resources for residents of the Sourlands and neighboring areas, as part of our Sourland Stewards program. The program includes:

To participate in the program, write to, sign up during an upcoming event, or join the Facebook group.

Participants have the opportunity to be recognized as Sourland Stewards and meet, compare notes, and show off their projects on social networks and at special events.

A recognition program with special rewards and incentives for Sourland Stewards participants who complete stewardship projects is in the works.

Sourland Stewards is funded in part with a 2015 Franklin Parker Conservation Excellence grant given by New Jersey Conservation Foundation, a 2015 Conserve Wildlife grant and a 2014 Watershed Institute grant.