"Oh Sourlands"
© 2019 Dante DiPirro
Lyrics for Sing Along at 6/22/2019 Sourland Mountain Festival

Oh Sourlands, you make my heart beat so.
Your woods and stony brooks call to me as home.
Never offered an easy life. Never not remote.
But always been a refuge when there’s nowhere else to go.

Verse 1
Tulip poplar, point us to the sky.
Hickory, oak, and maple, make us feel alive.
Keen to keep you healthy. Sure to sheathe the knife.
Pledged to save this special place where everything can thrive.  [To Chorus]

Verse 2
Say Rocky Brook, I heard you speak to me.
Been babbl’in a billion years but now I hear you scream.
Never waste your water. Keep it sweet and clean.
There's so much here that we can do if only we believe.  [To Chorus]

Violin Solo 

Verse 3
Thin, fragile, soil, loaded up with clay.
Even if you pulled the stumps, too many rocks to face.
As surrounding farmland fled, away you stayed the same.
A gem was left, a sweet bequest, we’ll keep the treasure safe. [To Chorus]

Fade Out: Oh Sourlands! Oh Sourlands! Oh Sourlands!


NOTE:  Verses omitted for the sing along:

Verse 4
Oh Trueheart, they want you back in chains.
Now you have to escape ‘cause they have lost their way.
Join vines on hill sides. Hide away in caves.
Hail her righteous railway. Bring a brighter day.

Verse 5
General Washington, you fought to make us free.
Arrived here outnumbered with rags on soldiers’ feet.
She gave you twisting trails, cover ‘neath her trees.
We got a vaunted vic’try march and something to believe.