Sourland Conservancy Roots for Rivers Reforestation


This project will provide a forested riparian buffer along a degraded section of Moores Creek in Hopewell Township, Mercer County.

The 8.8 acre parcel on which the project is proposed is owned by the County of Mercer. The Sourland Conservancy and Mercer County are partners on this grant project. There is visible erosion along the stream banks; planting the area on either side of the Creek with native trees and shrubs would reduce erosion and therefore sediment entering waterways, as well as act as a filtering buffer between runoff from the active agriculture and livestock present upslope in the watershed, and the impervious surface of the road on the other side. Additionally, there is a tributary that runs along the western edge of the property, which would benefit from the planting as well. 

Sourland Conservancy will oversee the purchase and delivery of plant material; acquisition, training and deployment of volunteers; planting; promotion of the project; delivery of educational material - both online and print - and presentations about the project purpose and achievements. The Conservancy will coordinate deployment of stewardship volunteers based on periodic monitoring by Mercer County Park Commission. Mercer County Park Commission and Planning staff will visit the site at least 3 times per year to check on the condition of the planting. They will repair and replace tree protection tubes, remove any invasive vines impeding the growth, and perform any other necessary site maintenance to ensure the success of the trees and shrubs. 

This project is funded by a 2019 Roots for Rivers Reforestation Grant from The Watershed Institute and The Nature Conservancy.