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The Sourland Conservancy engages in advocacy to lobby for policy and legal change, communicate its mission, and provide education on these subjects.  In its advocacy, the Sourland Conservancy reaches out to state officials in the executive branch of government, state legislators, state boards and commissions, county and local government officials, the federal government, and members of the public. The Sourland Conservancy also partners with other civic groups on advocacy matters and galvanizes its members and supporters and members of the public to take a stand on issues that benefit the environment, renewable energy, stewardship, living sustainably, historical and cultural values, and other important aspects of the Sourlands Region.


PennEast Pipeline

The Sourland Conservancy was an early opponent of the proposed pipeline project and continues to oppose the pipeline, protect the environment, protect landowners, and promote renewable energy.

East Amwell Helipad

The Sourland Conservancy has testified against the proposal to construct a helipad in East Amwell and has marshaled the presentation of data on the potential harm to wildlife and recreation.

Gibraltar Quarry

The Sourland Conservancy continues to monitor and advocate for measures that will protect water quality, safeguard wetlands, and control noise pollution at the Gibraltar Quarry in Montgomery Township on the Eastern portion of the Sourlands. Please see our Stewardship page to learn more about becoming a Sourland Stream Monitor. 

Deer Management

The overpopulation of white-tailed deer is a big problem in the Sourlands, where the deer population can reach more than 130 per square mile — more than 10 times the sustainable level.  The effects on humans include epidemic levels of Lyme disease (spread by deer ticks), high rates of automobile accidents, and the destruction of gardens and landscaping.  Because deer browse and kill nearly all the saplings and seedlings they encounter, the herd poses an existential threat to the forest itself.  As mature trees die, there are few viable young trees to take their place.  Invasive plants proliferate in these openings, creating permanent holes in the forest.

 Moratorium on new fossil fuel projects

The Sourland Conservancy is a founding member of a coalition of civic group supporting a moratorium on new fossil fuel projects.  Instead of approving new fossil fuel energy projects – like more fossil-fuel pipelines, coal burning power plants and the like – that will continue our reliance on dirty energy generation, public policy should promote the transition to renewable energy and clean energy jobs. You can watch our Board of Trustees President, Dante DiPirro, speak at the State Capital against the proposed PennEast Pipeline at the December 5, 2018 rally for a moratorium on new fossil fuel projects.