Sourland Conservancy Staff and Board of Trustees



Caroline Katmann - Executive Director

Caroline Katmann - Executive Director

Caroline Katmann is the Sourland Conservancy’s full-time Executive Director. Caroline was a New Jersey public school teacher, staff developer, and district-level administrator for 31 years before retiring from public education in 2005 to become an education consultant for a privately owned consulting company in New Jersey. In 2009, Caroline became a trustee on the board of the Sourland Conservancy (SC). In 2012, Caroline decided to retire from her consulting position and spend more time on her volunteer activities with the Sourland Conservancy. In January of 2013, she was hired as the organization’s first full-time Executive Director.

As Executive Director, Caroline has operational responsibility for the Sourland Conservancy’s programs and accomplishment of its mission and strategic plan. She provides high quality of administration, fundraising and communications; she recommends strategies, budgets, work programs, timelines and resources needed to achieve SC’s strategic plan goals.

Laurie Cleveland - Director of Communications and Development

Laurie Cleveland - Director of Communications and Development

Laurie Cleveland is the Sourland Conservancy’s Director of Communications and Development since October 2015. Formerly, an account executive, sales manager and media planner, Laurie and her family have lived in the Sourlands for over 20 years.

Carolyn Klaube - Stewardship Program Coordinator

Carolyn Klaube - Stewardship Program Coordinator

Carolyn Klaube is the Sourland Conservancy’s Stewardship Program Coordinator and Administrative Assistant. Carolyn has a bachelors of Science with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution and a minor in Plant Science, and a Masters of Science with a concentration in Ecology. She has over 10 years of experience as an ecologist working in diverse ecosystems such as the Mojave and Sonoran deserts, the NJ Pine Barrens, and urban brownfields, such as Liberty State Park. She joined the Sourland Conservancy because she feels passionate about protecting the Sourland Mountain and working with her community to promote ecological stewardship.

Maya Robles - Administrative Assistant

Maya Robles - Administrative Assistant

Maya Robles is an Administrative Assistant at the Sourland Conservancy. She recently graduated from Rutgers New Brunswick with a B.S. in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior, as well as minors in Anthropology and Spanish. She was a Research Assistant for two years, focused on the impacts of land-use change related to alluvial gold mining in Ghana. Maya is excited to work for the Sourland Conservancy because she cares about protecting the balance of natural systems and sharing these resources with the community.

Kariina Rand - Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Kariina Rand - Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Kariina Rand is our Marketing and Communications Coordinator at the Sourland Conservancy. Kariina's background spans globally working on a variety of industries to support their business and communication goals for past 10 years. Kariina is a New Jersey native and a graduate of TCNJ with a bachelor's degree in business adminstration. She is thrilled to be apart of the Sourland Conservancy as enviromental issues and conservation have always been near and dear to her.

Board of Trustees

Joanna Fiori, Jim Andrews, Chris Berry, Gery Juleff, Tim Johnson, Gary Johnston, Beverly Mills, Marylou Ferrara, Marcia Maguire, Dante DiPirro, Carolyn Klaube, Caroline Katmann, Fran Bartlett, and Laurie Cleveland

Joanna Fiori, Jim Andrews, Chris Berry, Gery Juleff, Tim Johnson, Gary Johnston, Beverly Mills, Marylou Ferrara, Marcia Maguire, Dante DiPirro, Carolyn Klaube, Caroline Katmann, Fran Bartlett, and Laurie Cleveland

We’re not (just) tree-huggers! Our board members and staff bring varied talent and professional expertise to the table: pro-environmental lawyer, two mayors, business analyst, electrical engineer, elementary school teacher, environmental engineer, Hazmat response specialist, accountant, photographer, environmental health specialist, GIS consultant, biologist, financial planner, historic preservation expert, British diplomat, college professor, nonprofit executive director, and rocket scientist.

Dante DiPirro, President - Dante is a pro-environmental lawyer, with over 30 years of experience in sustainable energy and the environment. As a Deputy Attorney General, Assistant State Environmental Prosecutor, Counselor and Legal Policy Adviser to the Commissioner of the NJDEP, and Executive Director of the Highlands Council, he enforced the state’s environmental laws (including wetlands, tidelands, pollution and solid waste) and handled regional planning and land use issues.

Marylou Ferrara, Vice President - A graduate of Rutgers University School of Law where she was a Marshall-Brennan Fellow. She is a former Mayor of Hopewell Township. During her tenure, the Township adopted a new Master Plan, which was based on natural resource and infrastructure capacity. Lot sizes were markedly increased in order to provide adequate aquifer recharge and to allow for sufficient dilution of nitrates from septic systems. This zoning was recently upheld by the Appellate Division. As Mayor, she partnered with SBMWA and directed municipal staff to participate in the Watershed’s first municipal assessment.

Joanna Fiori, Secretary - Retired business analyst and system manager at Citibank and INVESCO.

Veronique Oomen, Treasurer - MSC in Applied Physics, and an MBA. Strong financial management skills. 10+ years of project management. Certified 6Sigma Black Belt. Track record of technical and organizational problem solving.

Scot Allen - a resident of Belle Mead where he and his wife reside and their two boys who are enrolled in the Montgomery School District. He is currently an executive at Verizon where he has held several roles in Sales, Solutions and Marketing over his nineteen years with the company

Jim Andrews - An electrical engineer at SRI International. He designs imagers for satellites, telescopes and scientific instruments. Some of these imagers are in satellites to be observing the sun and ones looking down at the earth able to make clear pictures of weather phenomena both during the day and at night. Other imagers are in telescopes keeping track of orbiting space debris.

Fran Bartlett - Fran is a graduate of Lehigh University and has worked as a CPA with Deloitte and Touche. She is involved with several nonprofits in the area, including as a former board member of the Hopewell Valley YMCA. Fran is a former Hopewell Township committee person and mayor, as well as a former Hopewell Township planning board member. She has 2 children and has lived in the area for almost 25 years.

Chris Berry - Retired environmental engineer with degrees in environmental engineering and forest management. Has spent the last 10 years volunteering for various land trusts and natural resource NGOs working to restore the ecological health of land in central NJ and to increase awareness of the public for the need for stewardship.

Robert Cibulskis - Retired from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In addition to hazmat response Bob specialized in information systems, robotics, telemetry, video production, and software design and development.

Joel Coyne - Worked as an Environmental Health Specialist for over 30 years.; Sustainability Coordinator for Bernards Twp for 8 years; member of West Amwell Environmental Commission; GIS Consultant.

Tatiana Fulmer - was born and raised on the Sourland Mountain and is Mother to a future social justice eco-warrior. She has a passion for Theatre and has directed and stage managed at Hopewell Valley Childrens Theatre for 7 years. She now works at the BSB Gallery in Trenton and free lances as a Social Media Brand Manager.  She is involved in social justice, cultural inclusion, and historic preservation initiatives in the area including Stoutsburg Sourland African American Museum, Hopewell Valley Heritage Weekend and Hope Rises Up. 

Gary Johnston - Certified Financial Planner for Ameriprise Financial and member of Princeton Chamber of Commerce.

Tim Johnson - Owns and operates Renaissance Restoration. Founding member of the 1759 Vought House in Clinton and member of Hillsborough Historic Preservation Committee

Gery Juleff - Ex-British diplomat now working as farm manager.

Beverly Mills - Former Executive Director of the Drumthwacket Foundation in Princeton, NJ; former Administrator for the Trent House Association in Trenton, NJ; currently Office Manager for the Presbyterian Church in Lawrenceville.

Roger Thorpe - Degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics.20 years contract research for NASA and DOD in the areas of rocketry and ceramic composite armor.15 years running a fluid dynamics computer modeling lab to assist in the design of air pollution control systems for power plants and oil refineries.Last 3 years as volunteer for D&R Greenway stewardship program.

Dan Pace - Dan is a retired professional planner who for 17 years managed the Mercer County Farmland Preservation Program. A resident of Pennington Borough since 1977 he is active in the Station at Pennington Home Owners Association, the Hopewell Valley Historical Society, the Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space, the Pennington Borough Open Space Committee, and the Hopewell Valley Open Space Advisory Committee.

Honorary Trustees

Ray Brown

Robert and Stephanie Harris

Rush Holt

John McGahren

Scott and Hella McVay

Chris Sturm

Emeritus Trustees

Ken Bogen

Andrea Bonette

Jennifer Bryson

Charlie Clark

Steve Davidson

Deb Fabricatore

Jerry Haimowitz

Judy Jengo

Tom Kilbourne

Rachel MacKow

Marcia Maguire

Peg Van Patton

Jared Rosenbaum

Tom Seessel

Patricia Sziber

Cathy Urbanski

Cliff Wilson