Hiking and Running

There are beautiful trails through the woods in the Sourlands.   Birders come to find a variety of species of songbirds and avian predators.  It’s one of the few places where the vernal pools produce the ideal environment for frogs, toads, salamanders and turtles.  There are rare plants and flowers to delight the eye and in the spring an olfactory delight of flowers.


You want boulders.  We’ve got boulders.  There’s Roaring Rocks and formations of large rocks that have names usually given to constellations.   You’ll see trees as large as any in the area and be amazed at the differences in the understory of the forest.  Some areas are rich in native plants. 


Others have been overtaken by invasive species, some of which have their own charms, like honeysuckle.  Sadly, you’ll see areas where there are very few saplings and bushes because the deer have effectively eaten them.

The hiking in the Sourlands can take you to tranquil wooded scenes, fields full of flowers and tall grass and to boulder fields.  There are wetlands and hills to climb.  The trails are open all year long!

Additional Trail Maps: