The Sourland region attracts cyclists from throughout New Jersey and beyond.  The beautiful scenery, low-traffic roads, and hilly terrain create boundless opportunities for memorable rides.

The Sourlands stretch from Hillsborough in the north, through Montgomery, Hopewell, the Amwells, and west to Lambertville.  Long horizons, intermittent farms and deep forest create a peaceful yet rugged beauty. 

Though it is called a “Mountain,”  the Sourland ridge is not steep compared with the hills along the Delaware River or in Hunterdon, Bucks or Warren counties.  But, unlike the flatlands East of Princeton, the Sourland region has real hills that novice cyclists find challenging and seasoned riders relish.  Long Hill, Zion Road and Lindbergh Road are all steeped in history going back to the Revolutionary War, and all are good climbs.  The Sourland region is a cyclist’s ideal mix of hills and flats!


You can bike the ridge between Wertsville and Amwell Roads, offering wonderful vistas on Rainbow Hill Rd, Cider Mill Rd or Manners Rd.  You can swoop down into Hopewell and stop for a rest, a coffee, a snack or more.  It’s fun to head toward Rocky Hill and hit the rollers and the biggest climb in Mercer County on Province Line Rd.  Or you can sprint down stretches of Wertsville Rd past horse farms or amble along Orchard, Saddle Shop and the other roads east of Rileyville Rd — each a little different, each with its own woods and idyllic vistas.

Cycling in the Sourlands gives you vistas that stretch to a far horizon as well as quiet forest cathedrals in the woods.  Enjoy the ride!