Become a Member 

Becoming a member of the the Sourland Conservancy is one of the best things you can do to protect the Sourlands.

The Sourland Conservancy relies heavily upon its members to provide the financial support to perform its mission. Approximately half our revenue comes from the generosity of our members and trustees. Please become a member today!

In addition to providing much-needed support to the cause, members receive discounted admission to various Sourland Conservancy events.

If you live in the Sourlands, membership in the Conservancy is a must!  We are working to protect the natural splendor that surrounds you, as well as the cultural and historic resources of the Sourland community.  This has real value to you, and also helps keep property values up.

If you live near the Sourlands, consider the value of the Mountain as a regional resource for recreation; when you want to hike, bicycle, ride horses, etc., the gorgeous Sourlands are here for you.  Even more important, the Sourlands are a unique and precious environmental resource right in your back yard.  We need your help to protect one of the few viable ecosystems remaining in Central New Jersey.

If you live outside Central New Jersey, and you care about the environment, please think about the need for natural areas in the midst of the heavily developed Northeast Corridor.  The Sourlands, home to Central New Jersey’s largest contiguous forest, are a stopover for migratory birds on the Atlantic Flyway and serve as breeding grounds for a number of endangered species.  Will you help us save the largest remaining natural area between New York and Philadelphia?