Backyard Birding

Tufted titmouse photo by Laurie Cleveland

Tufted titmouse photo by Laurie Cleveland


The Sourland Conservancy is about embark on a new citizen-science project to track avian activity in our region.  Everyone with a backyard feeder is invited to participate – no experience required!  It’s easy, fun and free! The data will be used by ornithologists to study the activity of these birds and better understand their migration patterns, habitat requirements, feeding habits and more.

In the time it takes to eat your breakfast or enjoy a nice cup of tea, you can collect critical data that ornithologists and conservationists need to track birds and understand their habits – maybe even protect critical habitat.

Last October, Juanita Hummel of the Washington Crossing Audubon Society presented an interesting Train Station Series seminar that focused on her work with the Raritan/Piedmont Forest Survey.  Attendees of that event asked to learn more about citizen-science projects in our area. 

Hillsborough High School student and Sourland Conservancy intern, Ashley Yang, was happy to help.  She and Juanita have been working together to create a program to introduce volunteers to the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC), sponsored by Cornell University and the National Audubon Society.

 Juanita and Ashley will lead a workshop this winter to introduce you to the birds you find at your feeders, show you how to identify them, and demonstrate how to monitor them and log the information into your eBirdaccount.